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All events Nitrianska 24 hodinovka
Registered list

Saturday-Sunday, 23-24. March 2024

Nitrianska 24 hodinovka

About event

A 24-hour running race, which is also the Slovak championship for 24 hours, represents a unique challenge for runners. In addition to this discipline, the event includes a 12-hour run and a 100 km run, allowing participants with different preferences and abilities to join in. It takes place on the tartan surface of an athletic stadium, ensuring optimal conditions for all participants. This event is not just a test of physical endurance, but also mental resilience, and offers a great opportunity for meetings and community building among runners.

23-24. March 2024
Event day logistics
Nitra stadium
Show location
24h, 12h a 100km

Where and when?


Atletický štadión TJ Stavbár Nitra, Tr. Andrea Hlinku 55

Start times

23.3 2024

8:00 – 9:00 Presentation and registration of runners

10:00 Start of 100km, 12h, 24 h runs

20:00 Victory ceremony of 100 km run

22:00 End of 12h run

22:30 Victory ceremony of 12h run

24.3 2024

10:00 End of 24h run

11:00 Victory ceremony of 24 h run

Route information

Terrain: Tartan

Starters: Men and women (a competitor must turn 18 years of age at the latest the day before the race)

The race is held on a certified athletic oval with a length of one lap being 400m, in the disciplines of 100km run, 12-hour, and 24-hour run. Each competitor will be included in the results of each discipline they complete during their run. In addition to these distances, the time for a marathon and 100 miles will also be recorded for each runner.


Available in each lap: water, ions, cola, tea, magnesium, salt, bananas, lemon, apples, nuts, dates, gummy candies, bread with butter/lard, bread with jam/Nutella, pork cracklings, hard cheese, salty sticks From 16:00, broth and pasta will also be offered Each competitor will have a designated spot at a table on the track where they can store their own refreshments (the spot will be marked with their starting number), and behind it, a space reserved for their other things (clothing, shoes, etc.)

Changing Rooms and Shower

Provided in the facilities of the athletic stadium

Event summary

Here are the distances available for Nitrianska 24 hodinovka

24 hour

From 35€

12 hour

From 30€

100 km

From 25€

Registered list

Participant registered for the 24-hour race - The participant is automatically registered for the 12-hour race and 100Km event as well.
Participant registered for the 12-hour race - The participant is automatically registered for the 100km event as well.
Participant registered for the 100 km race - The participant is only registered for the 100 km race (even if they exceed the time longer than 12 & 24 hours).

Intermediate times at 42 km will be recorded for all participants in the 24-hour, 12-hour, and 100km races.
Intermediate times for 100 miles (160 Km) are only recorded for participants in the 24-hour and 12-hour races.