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All events Nitrianska eliminačka



15 runners competing for first place

Athletic stadium, Nitra

Saturday, 23. March 2024 at 18:00

15 runners competing for first place

Competition format

15 invited runners

Welcome to the dynamic and exciting event, the Nitra Elimination Race, where 15 invited runners will line up at the starting line. The race is based on the elimination principle and consists of 4 parts. Elimination begins with the first part, which is 10 laps long (4 km). In this part, the 3rd, 6th, and 9th laps are premium, meaning that the first runner to complete a specific lap will receive a financial prize of €30. After completing 10 laps, the last runner to finish will be eliminated. Subsequently, 30 seconds after the last runner of the first part crosses the finish line, the second part begins.

The second part consists of 5 laps (2 km), with the 3rd lap being premium, following the same principle of a financial prize as in the first part. After the conclusion of the second part, another 5 runners will be eliminated. Then, 30 seconds after the last runner of the second part finishes, the third part starts.

The third part mirrors the format of the second part with 5 laps (2 km) and a premium 3rd lap. After its completion, another 5 runners will be eliminated. Following the finish of the last runner in the third part, there is a 30-second break before the final part.

The final part decides the overall winner of the elimination race. In this part, there is no premium lap, and its dynamics focus purely on the competitive spirit and performance of the runners. The last 4 runners will compete for the top positions, with the first 3 places being rewarded with financial prizes. The Nitra Elimination Race is not only a test of speed and endurance but also of strategy and mental resilience.